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[sigh] My, our curse of constantly meeting other eccentric supernatural characters continue - you would think we were in some sort of story, but alas, our reality is just as bad as one. But, I'm not letting another beast such as myself ruin our night walk - and my, we only woke up less than half an hour ago - what a strange like we lead indeed. Never the less, are you alright, dear? She didn't frighten you too much or God forbid graze your arm on the way past? [pause] No? Ah, then all should be well. Oh and, that comment about a 'husband', I hope that didn't bring you too much dismay - I'm old, dear, so of course I've been in love before, but what matters to me now - is you, and you should know that, dear. No monster nor man will get between us. Come, let us finish our night walk, I will simply die if I cannot show you my favorite statue, its been a dream of mine to bring you somewhere like here, somewhere a bit more... Human. I know now youre not a Human and, to be fair, haven't been in some time, but I can imagine the urge to still do regular Human things is simply unbearable - so, lets do that tonight. Let us call it a 'date' as Humans say. This way, dear. Hold my hand.
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I swear we can never have a regular outing.

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