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Cleopatra is the future Queen of Egypt.
She is in love with her new servant Re unknowing that her lover was the Sun God Ra.
Her love threatens her wanting to take the crown, her nursemaid, Riza, is her only voice of reason in her insecurity.
Cleopatra is to meet Re in the abandoned catacombs deep beneath the castle.
Her emotions were beaming in her smile and quickened her steps.
Cleopatra's younger half brother Ptolemy intercepts her on her way there.
He threatens her with the knowledge of her affair with a servant when she is to be married to him.
She is pressured to make a choice right there in front of him.
Remembering the advice her chambermaid once gave her of a Queen needing to be confident with the decisions she makes, she faces down her brother.
After asserting her position she leaves to find Re.
Upon finding him she holds him in an embrace and he reveals his identity, her suspicion of his true form confirmed.

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Is it true that you and your man servant intend to elope before your wedding to Ptolemy?
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We must begin your morning lessons immediately. There's much to be done.2q`
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CLEOPATRA, age 17, stands in the center of her chambers, as a 40 year old RIZA, in the background looks through a trunk of clothing at the foot of Cleopatra's queen-sized bed enclosed by thin curtains.
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riza (CONT'D)
Now. Help me find your mother's evasive necklace.
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Cleopatra looks at Re and backs away in awe as light encloses him.

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