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Quick pitch

A clan of high schoolers with an overdue film project on their heads rush to make a five minute horror movie in an abandanoned, forbidden church when the owner locks them in and holds them hostage for trespassing. Their little film project gets way out of hand as they try to find a way out of the church and it's cemetery full of zombies.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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aldyndawn edited dialogue in "SCENE EIGHT- Inside the Church" on 01/01/2012. more
Talk about adrenaline rushes!
(side aches, he clutches it)
Oiy, on second thought, I haven't ran like that since I stole peppermints from my grandmother...
aldyndawn edited dialogue in "SCENE EIGHT- Inside the Church" on 11/22/2011. aldyndawn made 2 other changes. more
Yeah...I don't know if that's my adrenaline or my heart problem, but it's so awesome! ..on second thought, no it's not. It's not awesome at all. I hurt.
aldyndawn added a blog entry. on 11/21/2011. more
Sturgreen added a comment to AND THEN THERE WERE SOME on 11/21/2011. Sturgreen made 1 other comment and 4 other changes. more
It's just a character name. I added a character description under the 'blog' tab. Take a look!
aldyndawn edited dialogue in "SCENE SEVEN- START ROLLING" on 11/21/2011. aldyndawn made 5 other changes. more
Not as frightening as what you may see soon, when the night has blackened the day. My dear sister, you must leave right away.

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