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Angelo Musco: Conception

From painful physical therapy sessions in New York, to Naples, Italy the artist’s hometown and back, Jason peels back the layers of the artist and how Musco creates surreal landscapes of gigantic proportions and why. Musco’s artistic manipulation and weaving of the human body, a metaphor for his own tortured physique, is elevated and transformed by the power of aggregation, the power to feel beyond our world to something greater, more beautiful–something outside the accepted limits of reality, a visionary dialogue that reaches from the most basic element of the nude body across a millennium of human evolution. What compels an artist to spend months or sometimes years working on a single artwork, compositing hundreds of thousands of human bodies, layer upon layer, charting a mosaic of infinite imagination? Jason asks this question and queries what drives the young artist to create his own vocabulary–an expression that is in essence so classical and yet so contemporary–and creating worlds at once evoking a dark foreboding and a lyrical lightness, tortured souls and innocence. A depiction of an artist’s life shaped by a traumatic birth, educated by the mysticism of an ancient city, and nurtured in one of the most energetic and dynamics cities in the world today, New York City, Angelo Musco: Conception depicts the beginning of this journey and introduces a means of understanding an expression that speaks to us all at our deepest emotional level: the level where all creation starts.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)
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