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Mocumentary about an A&R guy, William, who has any eye, or lack thereof, for finding bands and bringing them much success. His job was given to him by his uncle who is the Head of Lizard Lick Records. His uncle loves William and wants to make him feel like he is important so, against the other record label employees wishes, William is allowed to sign pretty much anyone he wants.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Looks at camera while shaking head back and forth in disbelieve.
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William (CONT'D)
(depressed tone)
I know it's not his fault, but you heard that music. It was horrendous! No passion, no interesting elements. I'm happy to sit here all day and listen to music, but once in a while something like.. THAT, comes on. It just ruins my whole day.
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this could change, but it needs to NOT make much sence

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