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Spencer Hannigan, Cason McEwan, and Sarah Nearby are three friends whose lives are vastly different, but connected by the same dysfunction; anti-social disorder. Spencer is a brilliant and charming senior whose dark urges and sickening sense of humor separate him from the normal high schoolers. Cason is a creative and athletic junior whose self hatred and lack of remorse makes him unlikeable to most who meet him. Sarah Nearby is gorgeous junior whose cunning and seductive nature can get her into bed with a man, but leads her on a path of a treacherous sex addiction. As Spencer is preparing to graduate, he must examine his future in which he hasn't planned and doesn't know how he would fit into a job, which forces him to consider crime as a possible career path. Cason is struggling in his classes and is always distracted by an infatuation with a fellow junior, and his creative instincts to write. But when he completes his first script he's forced to come to terms with the fact that his disturbed mind might not be entertaining for others to view. Sarah is good in school most of the time, but her relationship with a young man who only enjoys her for the sex is starting to rip her apart, and her semi abusive step father is only a few steps away from severely hurting her and she needs a way out.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Spencer walks into the apartment to find his MOTHER, 35, knocked out on the couch wearing nothing but see through lingerie, and an unbuttoned trench coat.
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INT. Int. Daleville highschool - morning
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Yes it can. All we have to do is bend for each other. That's what relationships are, right? Bending for each other. We can still do this.
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