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JoseyBones edited dialogue in "ELSIE CONFRONTS MARKO" two years ago. JoseyBones made 35 other changes. more
It took me a long time to figure out how I survived. A group of raiders found me in the night. They took everything I had. My clothing, my food all of it. Even the things they had no use for. As they raised me up by a rope, I struggled and watched as they took all of my sketch books and tore them to shreds. And I gave in. I stopped struggling--not that it was doing me any good anyway. But then I saw the wolves. I saw them before the raiders did. Six of them. A strange behavior for wolves. When they attacked, the raider holding my rope let go. I didn't think, didn't register really what I was doing it just...happened. I grabbed the rope. Choking, and wheezing, but still I held on. The raiders ran, of course. I'm not sure if they made it or not. I hope the wolves got them. I spent the night in that tree, afraid and cold. But what I learned that night is that they chose me. Nature, chose me to survive.
JoseyBones added an action in "ELSIE READS RAY'S POETRY IN THE CEMETERY" two years ago. JoseyBones made 41 other changes. more
RAY LOOKS UP at ELSIE and they both engage in a melding look into each other. ELSIE squints a little, recognizing significance in this. RAY blinks only once, as he slowly and unconsciously LOWERS the NOTEBOOK into his lap. They both lean forward, propelled by some real and compelling force to KISS each other.
JoseyBones edited an action in "ELSIE MAKES THE FIRST MOVE" two years ago. JoseyBones made 59 other changes. more
RAY OPENS the NOTE and quickly reads it, forgetting about Bill. ELSIE quickly looks towards him. He NODS in assent to her, his SMILE now WIDER.
JoseyBones edited an action in "EXT. DAYTIME. THE APIARY." two years ago. JoseyBones made 10 other changes. more
ELSIE is working alongside a WHITE BOX--a BEEHIVE. She wears the FULL PROTECTIVE SUIT to protect herself. The insects fly around her in a pattern only they understand, as she opens the various sections of the HIVE over the course of her daily work. There are several other hives around, but she is the only worker in the APIARY. She is overworked, stressed, and having difficulty maintaining faith in what she is doing. The bees are important, but how can anything maintain importance in a world that is crumbling?
JoseyBones added dialogue in "INT. NAASIR'S ROOM. THE SCHOOL. EARLY EVENING." two years ago. JoseyBones made 21 other changes. more
Yeah bees.

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