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Quick pitch

A serial burglar who terrifies a community falls in love with a beautiful young woman. The daughter of the police captain who is highly respected by the community.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Keshmack924 added an action in "Scene 6" two years ago. Keshmack924 made 3 other changes. more
Connor looks up a Lela smiling.
Keshmack924 added an action in "Scene 6" on 06/26/2014. Keshmack924 made 4 other changes. more
Women and men walk around the gallery looking at each painting.
Keshmack924 added dialogue in "SCENE 5" on 05/27/2014. Keshmack924 made 22 other changes. more
detective JASON
These men are not poor they are greedy this is organzed crime. I think that we need to bring the media in on this.
Keshmack924 added dialogue in "Scene 4" on 05/27/2014. Keshmack924 made 14 other changes. more
Connor word for a minute
Keshmack924 added dialogue in "Scene 4" on 05/26/2014. Keshmack924 made 53 other changes. more
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