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Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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He places the tickets on the counter and looks expectantly at KRIS. KRIS feeds the counter and hands STEPHEN the voucher. Quickly, STEPHEN begins scribbling all over the back of a tattered envelope, already nearly covered in writing. He circles a big number 30,012 at the bottom of what appears to be a long list of addition. A smile breaks over STEPHEN'S face as he looks up. KRIS begins to smile, and STEPHEN dumps a large amount of vouchers onto the counter. Rapidly but carefully, KRIS adds up all the numbers on the envelope, only to get a total of 29,998.
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SUPERIMPOSE: "Day six. A birthday party."
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SkeeBall is too damn loud. So uh,
(he makes air quotes)
"The repair man will be here next week."
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