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The 45th armor division once again is called into combat, Casey and his team are faced with the toughest fight yet.

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Ext. Operations Off
Our gunship is at critical heat levels and is shutting down its five twenty two! Point defenses and DMP
(deployable mine probes)
are still active.
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captain lee
Move her to strafe that ship and pick off the interceptors.
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The crewman didnt even get to finish before overpressure slammed into the bridge. The beacon from the tip of the destroyer peaked into Lees view when no sooner brilliant orange fire and blue plasma filled the space next to the arcangel. The carrier had fired its main weapon at full charge into the destroyer ripping a hole from stem to stern rupturing the main reactor. Explosions chained along the hull as the dying ship slowly went critical.
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Operations officer
Destroyer is staying on station sir its drawing their fire. But that shot probably drained their reserves, they won't be ready to fire for another few minutes Captain!
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Captain Lee
Get that other destroyer in front of us now! That carrier is going to gut us if she can turn sideways!

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