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Arindla is the oldest daughter (but second youngest in family of seven) of one of the Elven Kings. Hrogen is the oldest son of a lowly fisherman. During Arindla's Submersion the two are thrown together and begin a journey that will detremine the fate of Pristos and all the races of the world of Unaetirsa. Can the two young companions regain the lost treasure and save their city or will the Dark Lords and

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Closer shot of group of three people. It is three teenage girls on the verge of womanhood. Focus on the girl in the center. She is an elf with vibrant red hair and blue-green eyes. She is wearing a dress of silver that looks almost like fish scale as it creates a prizm effect. On her head rest a diadem. It's fine piece with four distinct metals colors, gold, silver, gray (like graphite) and copper. The metals are woven in a braid type pattern. The join in the center of the young woman's forehead and circle around three jewels. The jewels are clear (diamond), red (ruby) and yellow (citrine). The woman wearing the jewelry is ARINDLA. Today is the day of her Submerging.
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PANEL 4 - HORIZONTAL PAGE WIDE. HEIGHT IS 1/3 OF REMAINING PAGE - The guards have their spears trained on Hrogen. As the Elven retinue approaches them. In the group is King Aringal, Arindla's Father. In front of the king is a NOBEL ELF. He is tall, has dark tanskin and has platinum blond hair and grey eyes.
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INT. page 3
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INT. Panel 1 - full body shot of two boys at the water's edge. BOTH BOYS ARE TENDING TO FISHING NETS In the foreground is hrogen. he is tall and well muscled with brown hair and eyes. in the background is jik. he is young and wiry wth brown hair and darker brown eyes

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