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only to fight the establishment you rember that place... tragic best food in town never tasted good though and my clothes never got cleaned.... at least i paid my taxes when i was born.
Nikk21 added dialogue in "speech (cont.)" on 11/11/2009. more
the world turns very slowly.and for some it just...needs to stop
Nikk21 added an action in "speech (cont.)" on 11/11/2009. Nikk21 made 6 other changes. more
Allen interrupting
Nikk21 edited dialogue in "speech (cont.)" on 11/11/2009. Nikk21 made 12 other changes. more
we could tell you the exact min. and second some one would leave this world,get robed or injured it was fuun to walk away and count the seconds till it happened.till we where fired. i bring you to present day U.A.N. where the pepole are lazy and the dollor means everything some of us unemployed had trouble keeping busy.
Nikk21 edited dialogue in "speech (cont.)" on 11/10/2009. Nikk21 made 60 other changes. more
aahhh shut it. your one to talk you an't even walk right.

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