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When Ngo Dinh Diem is elected the president of Vietnam, he goes out on a rampage and destroys anything and everything related to Buddhism. There are mass suicides of Buddhist monks all along Vietnam. Vietnam falls into mass turmoil as people start to rise against Ngo Ding Diem. The CIA realizes that Ngo wasn't the best choice and decides to build a time machine to go back in time to assassinate Ngo to make sure he never gets to presidency and that they get a new Democratic leader.

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Exyroin added dialogue in "The News" on 05/13/2012. Exyroin made 8 other changes. more
The wrecking ball has just hit the temple and leveled it to the foundations.
Exyroin added a slugline in "The News" on 05/13/2012. more
INT. Destroyed Temple
Exyroin edited the scene titled "The News" on 05/07/2012. Exyroin made 38 other changes. more

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