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A not so popular 14 year old named Shane Washington has a normal life, well had a normal life. Until a 15 year old girl named Chanelle Thompson who's been an assassin since she was five came around and changed his whole life. He becomes an assassin who is trained by assassin professionals to help him kill the man who killed his parents. But, what he doesn't know is the truth, and he will later figure that out.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Okay, and what is it that I need to know?
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james (cont'd)
And i'm pretty sure your thinking that i'm going to kill you, but i'm not... I'm here to help you... Were here to help you. To make sure you"re safe.
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He reaches out and turns it off. He angrily throws the covers off him and gets up. When he does, the cover is around his ankle. He trips on the cover and that causes him to fall to the floor.
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SHANE (14) Freshman in high school, not very popular, very slim. Sleeping in his bed, enjoying the comfort of pillows, covers and cushion. Enjoying the sound of birds chirping... The morning making him feel like he's in heaven.
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There's a lot that you need to know.

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