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Take one of the fiction stories you wrote in Unit 2 and adapt it as a screenplay.

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to be continued...
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He knew who she was the second she spoke. It was his sister! He swam so fast that she didn't even realize it until he hugged her and put his flipper around her. She knew who he was and told him that she had been looking for him all this time too, and that she thought he was dead but she kept looking. A human came in front of the aquarium and it was the boy he smiled and waved the boy who was now grown up took an interest in saving sea creatures because of the experience he had with the turtle and was now a scuba diver that went into caves and rescued sea creatures that couldn't survive there. The little sea turtle Squirt could finally rest peacefully because his world was so much brighter now.
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He swam and swam for what seemed like ages. SQUIRTS poor flippers felt like they were going to fall off of him and his weak flipper could barely move anymore, he was so hungry now too. He was just about to give up when he saw a small light far away. He swam as fast as he could but he realized the light was moving toward him too. Humans!! There were humans deep in the cave and they had flashlights that lit up the whole cave, it was rocky and had sharp stones along the walls. They grabbed him and led him out and put him in their boat.

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