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| Character Short Film for WARRIOR SIX |

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meganashleyscott inserted an action in "Avimir's Rape" 11 months ago. meganashleyscott made 4 other changes. more
AVIMIR spits at CHARLES. He's annoyed and wipes the spit off his face.
meganashleyscott edited dialogue in "Helping Ayla" a year ago. more
older avimir
You can stay here with me. I promise I'll never make you leave.
meganashleyscott added a transition in "Helping Ayla" a year ago. meganashleyscott made 6 other changes. more
meganashleyscott added dialogue in "Helping Ayla" a year ago. meganashleyscott made 54 other changes. more
No, Avimir. This is NOT your fault. This isn't even the first time he's hit me. But this time, he banished me from our home.
meganashleyscott edited an action in "Avimir's Rape" a year ago. meganashleyscott made 74 other changes. more
The camera pans up to the sky, AVIMIR's SCREAMS echoing as the SCREEN GOES BLACK.

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