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When we're younger, we make social decisions that go and affect our older selves. Because of those decisions, we form our own label/cliché. Often we think it's natural style, grace, and beauty that label us-- but no. The prettiest girl in the world can hop into Hot Topic just as easily as the awkward-phased middle school girl can stumble her way through Abercrombie and Fitch.
Sally and Sarah become roommates in their sophomore year of college and they couldn't be more different. Sally is an awkward nerdy hipster type who prefers avatars to humans. Sarah is a beautiful, flirtatious, and stylish socialite who just missed the sorority grey hound. When they get to know each other, Sarah sees the beauty under Sally's frumpy outfits and is determined to make her over so Sally can dazzle the eyes of one Liam Corders.
Okay, the story already sounds like a cliché, right? Well that's exactly the point. Life is a cliché, a label, if you will, "and everyone is watching you with the scissors."

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The idea of a label is so categorically middle school. So pubescent. The term label just makes me so mad, so infuriatingly frustrated. I mean, seriously, can you think of a more juvenile term? People who write about labels have the common sense of a 7th grader who takes personality quizzes online and fills out extensive questionnaires on their walls as if they can defy their school-time label. Or create one. Or enhance one. Or fucking smash it into the ground. To be cooler, or to be nerdier? That was the question. Whether tis nobler to wear designer labels of outrageous fortune, or to commit yourself to an online community? To socialize, to game. One direction leads you to sorority parties, and the other leads you to being an outcast or even the dreaded “hipster.” Labels. All of them. In my head. And they won’t go away. It goes a little something like this… My name is Sally
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