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Screenplay for "Writing for the Stage and Screen" class.

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Keith tosses Lucy outside, turns back around towards the room, and bars the door behind him.
awhitehorselane edited an action in "keith and Bill" on 03/08/2012. awhitehorselane made 4 other changes. more
A couple of onlookers see him run by and race after him. They grab his arms, holding him back.
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Keith keeps walking towards the cabin, apparently oblivious to Jerry's objections. He throws a burning log that is blocking the door out of the way and marches inside the burning cabin.
awhitehorselane edited dialogue in "Jerry comes 'round again" on 03/07/2012. awhitehorselane made 3 other changes. more
You've got one week, and after that, I can't be held responsible for what happens. This will be the last time I warn you. I like you, Keith. Guys like you are part of that colourful 5 percent that we don't see much of anymore up here. We just need you to lead that colourful life somewhere else.

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