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vnguyen edited dialogue in "Police Station" on 02/17/2008. more
Officer Fick
Once the time is right, you can insert your giraffe head into her muddy ant hole.
vnguyen inserted an action in "Joony meets up with Autumn" on 02/15/2008. vnguyen made 44 other changes. more
Autumn acts anxious.
vnguyen added a blog entry. on 02/15/2008. vnguyen made 44 other changes. more
vnguyen edited the scene order. on 02/14/2008. vnguyen made 68 other changes. more
vnguyen added dialogue in "Autum's House" on 02/06/2008. vnguyen made 61 other changes. more
Answering Machine (Joony
I'm back from Jail. Pregnate with rage. Hanging out with my mom, call me tonight.

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