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After 2 weeks in a coma, Giselle Moore, wakes up to find that , for the most part, she remembers everything except ...that she's apparently engaged. Without the need for physical therapy Giselle checks out and rushes home via taxi. ,
Shortly after, Ethan Tayler, model and rising Hollywood movie star, wakes from his coma assuming he'd been attacked by the paparazzi. Upon arriving to his home he sees a fan breaking into his home. Giselle starstruck at the sight of a celebrity at her home assures herself that she'd won a personal meet and greet somehow and was now redeem her prize. After a heated confrontation about whom the house really belonged the two managed their way inside. Upon discovering the two together in a variety of photos around the house, the two strangers realize they are engaged!

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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Nurse 1 rushes the others out of the room and sits on the bed.
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Dr. Holland
Comotose. 2 weeks.
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INT. Giselle's room
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Nurse 1
Ahh, ah. Relax. I'll tell you everything, Mr. Tayler.

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