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Nate's dream girl is killed by someone he saw that day. He goes back through the memories to try to remember.

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Girl LAUGHS. They Both get up and DANCE.
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How about some sleep? It's been a long day.
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NATE goes to bathroom. GIRL walks outside. When the GIRL gets outside, she sees a dog running across the street on the sidewalk. Realizing it is on the loose, she runs across the street to catch it. NATE is just walking out of the bathroom by this time. She looks left but she doesn't look right and is hit. NATE freezes momentarily out of shock, and runs to the GIRL. As he is walking to her body, NATE looks to his left and sees the driver getting back into his car. He specifically notices a tattoo on the driver's hand.
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ErinNuskiGaddi edited the outline. on 11/14/2011. ErinNuskiGaddi made 5 other changes. more

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