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DavidPetlansky added dialogue in "First Mourning" on 10/11/2010. DavidPetlansky made 40 other changes. more
I don’t know if I'm lying to you or not. I probably am. I don’t know much. It's a show, I read lines .They give me a check. A big fat check! check. And that's what it's about! And you would do the same thing too! You think you envy me! But I am a void on a puppet string, A happy face to make you feel good about getting big time fucked.
DavidPetlansky added a shot in "Edward's Dream" on 10/11/2010. DavidPetlansky made 16 other changes. more
DavidPetlansky added a new scene titled "The End (Montage VI)" on 10/09/2010. DavidPetlansky made 40 other changes. more
DavidPetlansky created this project! on 10/09/2010. more

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