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A music video

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mathsninja edited a slugline in "will abuses lachie" on 05/12/2015. mathsninja made 3 other changes. more
INT. Lachlan and will are in the hallway of their house and have come back from the graveyard. Will is terribly upset.
Lockdog27 edited an action in "school" on 05/07/2015. Lockdog27 made 7 other changes. more
The first act of violence is when Lachlan is walking through the hallway and the kids in his class trip him up and laugh at him
mathsninja added dialogue in "funeral" on 05/07/2015. mathsninja made 2 other changes. more
Will paterson
This is all your fault! You're the reason she was so busy and tired all day!
Lockdog27 inserted a slugline in "Will and Mila" on 05/07/2015. more
INT. She is currently asleep and will and lachlan are both emotionally upset
mathsninja added a slugline in "funeral" on 05/07/2015. mathsninja made 2 other changes. more
INT. INT: funeral

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