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The gate opens. Security smiles at the camera and the camera keeps moving in. Caris's voice is heard, camera rotates and sees caris. Camera runs away and then bumps into Hee chan. Hee chan is in Pajamas and awakes. Camera moves over and sees James sprawled outside of the school, in sleeping clothes. (Insert text - Most likely to sleepwalk to school) The camera then moves in the school.
jc_perfumemaster edited an action in "Scene 5 - finale (outside)" on 05/13/2010. jc_perfumemaster made 2 other changes. more
Keun and Mook trip and the kids fall on them. The camera then moves toward the parking lot where Faith and Jonathan are sitting on a bench. They stare at nothing when all of a sudden they burst into a giggle. (Insert text - Most likely to Giggle for no apparent reason). Two yearbooks suddenly fall from the sky and the camera looks around. The camera then tilts to the ground and closes in on the yearbook and sees Hwan and Matt Marshall. The camera then tilts up and Matt Marshall and Hwan walk out of the building. (Insert text - Most changed from freshman to senior year). The camera then moves into the parking lot and walks behind Joy and Aaron who are walking near a parked car. A door swings open and hits them. (Insert text - Most likely to get hit by a parked car). The camera then moves out of BAIS when Mr.Breggren drives his car into the sunset with Warren and William in the back seat. (Insert text - Most likely to go for a joy ride in Mr.Breggren's car). Then Caris and Daniel come into frame walking into the sunset talking. (Insert text - most likely to talk for 24 hours).
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Keun and Mook trip and the kids fall on them. ok
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The camera moves across the glass cabinet and sees Ji Ung and Rick standing by. Students line across to give them hugs. Caris is near by, talking to Pak. Herman. David then walks by and starts walking up the stairs. (Insert text and picture - best Celebrity look-a-like, Malcom X). Ali then walks down and smiles at the camera. (Insert text and picture - best celebrity look-a-like, Demi Levato).
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