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A rambunctious adventure about two twin brothers and their oh so snarky little sister who has the power of clairvoyance. Will they discover the secret of Zindamar's cave, or will they fall fate to the Onlooker's Curse???

This is just a rough outline.

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Nonsense. I will not forbear the mention of string theory in my presence, joke or no. I'm hungry.
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ALASTAIR looks up suddenly and sees what appears to be a meteorite speeding towards them. (It's the hand.) (But they don't know that.) (But WE DO!) It gets closer and closer, and the boys run towards the house, scooping up ANNIE on the way. Just as they reach the door, the hand impacts the ground with great impact and the sound of a grenade. It immediately creates a crater with large, 10-foot high sides. One of the cars next to the crater is thrown straight up into the air when the hand hits, and the car falls a few yards away, hitting another car. The second car slides towards the middle of the road where the chalk outline of the bocce court is. It moves quickly at first but slows down just enough to nudge ALASTAIR'S gray ball away from the jack.
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Mars in the midst of a sandstorm. The visibility is very low, but we can see the sand shifting on the ground. The same pulsating sound from the goo gradually becomes audible, until it reaches a nearly unbearable volume. CLOSEUP ON patch of ground. The sand continues to swirl, and eventually blows away to reveal a large black hand jutting out of the ground. It is open, palm facing the sky. Suddenly it closes, as if grasping its freedom. The sound stops.
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EXT. New York City AlleyNight

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