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A detective is sent to find a missing girl and catch her abductor, but things don't go the way he expects. Wandering through the rubble of a huge construction site, he finds the true nature of evil, and learns that the story of sin is never short in the telling.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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Kala is reading the note, and we see a DARK FIGURE standing directly behind him, wearing a SKI MASK. Kala sets down the note. The figure comes closer, standing within arm's distance of him. Then the figure steals Kala's handgun from his belt and retreats to the door. Kala feels this, but doesn't turn around immediately. He stands facing away from the figure, who holds the gun pointed at his head.
BaliBriant edited an action in "INT. OFFICE - EVENING" two years ago. BaliBriant made 73 other changes. more
Kala flicks through the folder briefly, reads several papers, looks at the PICTURE of a pretty blond girl, fourteen years old. He pauses a moment. Then he takes a KNIFE and a HANDGUN from the desk, dons his COAT and HAT. He heads for the door, opens it, but his supervisor calls him back.
BaliBriant added a new scene titled "EXT. PRECIPICE - CONSTRUCTION SITE - NIGHT" two years ago. BaliBriant made 8 other changes. more

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