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Ram and his men are missing. The 4 remaining Generals by for power and control over the Techno Army. Cypher quickly inserts himself into the mantle of leadership informing those that would stand in his way they would be crushed

Base of Power, an audio drama project from Tribe Sector 4 Productions, based on The Tribe by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin. For more info on this group visit http://tribesector4.com

“Tribe Sector 4 Productions ... keeping the dream alive

Project Type: Other (An hour)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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"Have a seat you two. Don't be late to staff meetings again. We have a lot to cover. We will need to find two more people that can follow orders unlike Razor. I would like them to be form the outside if possible. Input you were going to make a run through the different areas of the city Were there any potental recruits?
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