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A 15-year old guy from Dallas, Texas named Basketball Green flies to Chicago and tries out for the Chicago Bulls and makes it on the team.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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sportsball17 added a shot in "Conclusion" on 06/14/2012. sportsball17 made 10 other changes. more
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Thank you my three that competed! Our 4th place winner was Evan Leafer. The 3rd place winner...Tyler Chambers. Runner-Up prize goes to Michael Watt and my winner is Stewart Jefferson! Congratulations!
sportsball17 added an action in "Road" on 02/20/2012. sportsball17 made 12 other changes. more
The car pulls into their driveway
sportsball17 added a shot in "Landing Home" on 01/28/2012. sportsball17 made 14 other changes. more
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Yeah, man!

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