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Some historical figures won't stay dead.

In 1614, Countess Elizabeth Bathory is thought to have been executed.

In 2009, "New student" Liz Bathers arrives at Kutztown University with a song in her heart and the taste of blood on her lips. Soon she begins amassing a young army, catching the notice of senior Reya Chen, her friends, their professor, and a pair of hunters. And so, the battle begins...

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RyanJCrowley added dialogue in "And so it begins" on 01/19/2011. RyanJCrowley made 27 other changes. more
jolene bradford
Where were right cheek and left cheek anyway?
RyanJCrowley added dialogue in "And so it begins" on 01/18/2011. RyanJCrowley made 71 other changes. more
eva chen
Sis...you gotta help me.

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