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The Wayne family & the Elliot family have had strong bonds, but the bond between Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliot was non-existent ever since they were children. Living in a city plagued by crime, the death of Tommy Elliot's mother caused him strong emotional harm, & took him down a dark path. However, Bruce Wayne was seeking success, & eventually took over Wayne Enterprises after the death of his parents. Unfortunately, the biggest crime group in the city, The Court of Owls, recruits a new member - Tommy Elliot. Jealous of Bruce's sudden success in life, Tommy Elliot finds Bruce Wayne & attempts to murder him, instead murdering Sasha Burns. Because she was innocent, The Court of Owls attacks Tommy Elliot, rendering his face unrecognizable, & forcing him to wear a mask of bandages. Tommy Elliot suddenly becomes known as The Hush, an insane murderer who murders innocents for fun. When Bruce Wayne realizes that he could've prevented The Hush's uprising, he dons the mask and cape of The Batman.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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JOE CHILL shoots THOMAS WAYNE. THOMAS WAYNE dies. MARTHA WAYNE screams, and runs over to help THOMAS WAYNE. Suddenly, JOE CHILL shoots MARTHA WAYNE. MARTHA WAYNE dies. Kid Bruce Wayne stares on in horror.
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INT. the end
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COMMISSIONER GORDON falls to the ground swiftly, with lifeless limbs.

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