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The Batman is now the lead authority figure in Gotham City, and his presence has prevented several criminals from crossing Gotham's borders. However, when a rising mob boss known as the Black Mask emerges within the city, turmoil engulfs the community, and Batman is determined to catch him. But what Batman finds is more than just a man in a mask, as Batman discovers that a mysterious man known as The Riddler has been recruited by Black Mask and is committing several mysterious murders that Batman connects to him. As defenseless as he seems, The Riddler proves to be an overwhelming challenge for Batman and the GCPD. Now the new problem that Batman faces: who is The Riddler?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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We cut to a shot of the stylish wall -- a shadow engulfs the far right of the wall. We suddenly see a MAN shuffle out of the shadow, against the wall. He looks unassuming, but has a purpose. He stops in the middle of the hallway and stays planted firmly against the wall. Suddenly, we see ALBERTO FALCONE shuffle from the pitch black shadow at the right of the wall, behind the MAN. The MAN does not notice ALBERTO FALCONE -- one ALBERTO FALCONE is fully close to the MAN, he lunges in front of him and gives him one good stab into the stomach. The MAN slides to the ground against the wall. ALBERTO FALCONE walks away, leaving us with the image of the MAN lying dead against the wall with a long trail of blood leading to his head.
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selina kyle
Care to dance, Bruce?
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Every OFFICER is now dead. We know that BLACK MASK is a force to be reckoned with.
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BATMAN walks past CYRIL SAUNDERS and out of the shot.
Fetalisk added dialogue in "Rebirth" a year ago. Fetalisk made 7 other changes. more
carmine falcone
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