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Gotham has been its normal dangerous self. Joker, Scarecrow, Deadshot, and the Falcones have been tearing the city down for years until the infamous siege on Cobb manor, the safe house of Phillip " Signalman" Cobb. The manor was attacked by Sal Maroni and his men. That was the day Batman's most dangerous enemies returned, the day the gang war started, the day Signalman became who he is today....

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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BobDSmith edited dialogue in "Bl├╝dhaven" on 10/25/2014. BobDSmith made 5 other changes. more
I do not know if it is my mere speed or the sharpness of it. But most people don't feel the blade go in.
BobDSmith edited dialogue in "Zebra-Man" on 08/23/2014. more
Sounds like The Eraser. Cocky fellow.
BobDSmith edited an action in "Kite-Man" on 08/11/2014. more
Batman grimaces and pulls out a batarang and threatens to throw it. Three G.C.P.D squad vans pull up. Kite-Man pulls up on his glider and holsters his grenade launcher on his militia belt. He reveals a detonator. G.C.P.D officers get out, they too are armed.
BobDSmith added dialogue in "Kite-Man" on 08/05/2014. BobDSmith made 6 other changes. more
Kite-MAN (cont'd)
If the G.C.P.D pigs get even close to the tower, I'll blow it to Kingdom come!
BobDSmith added a slugline in "Kite-Man" on 07/13/2014. more
INT. Ext. Wayne tower - night

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