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A cop in 3F and a parinoid writer in 4F hit it off.

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Oh. Okay. I'll just, um-
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TIME PASSES. Shot of DANIEL trying to get comfortable, turning off the lamp, tossing and turning, turning back on the lamp, tossing and turning, then sitting up. Shot of LILY laying in bed, tossing and turning, turning on the lamp by her bed, reading a bit, then turning it off and putting back the book. She tosses and turns, then finally sits up, sliding out of bed, taking her duvet with her. She wraps up in her blanket and walks outside. DANIEL is sitting cross-legged on the couch, watching TV. LILY sits next to him, and they watch together peacefully. TIME PASSES and they shift as they watch, gradually getting closer
Zesp added dialogue in "REALish home intruder" 9 months ago. Zesp made 2 other changes. more
No- I'm. I'm good. Thanks.
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She takes his wrist and climbs down the fire escape, letting him in her window. She herds him to the living room, and sits him on the couch. She jogs to her bedroom and puts her gun away, grabs a pillow and a throw blanket, and starts to turn then grabs her toothbrush, thowing it in the bathroom. She takes the bedstuff to the living room, handing them to Daniel. He smiles weakly and takes them.
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No, I do. I'm not gonna be able to sleep if I leave you alone in there. You can take my couch.

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