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There is a beast.....in the river.

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mcgradyryan edited dialogue in "Scene 6" on 04/27/2014. more
Sweet mother of mercy... I cannot tset th Woer wtotih gjr ths pog tthe time thayt nae beeene eu j [9r je kjer itpt hi sdeath r,, ; fTH priyr jyefkut tE iu T erkj werthTH ekru is ntothp eriel soe for u to thubert uthrth t WErpoi o iye rgThe riu oe rfy KSkliu TH erprht theh enr whill not know hwt haerpo thufhyj tUh eTH er[0it th Erel th rty thh Erorth etuh th Er[oy thmgmhbuthHT Erpty kjt H epr kb oyti lkf kt TH terot noae ntokn rogigth Erortn jt He ry sy tH Wrt jDEaaeu f.W yk The fkfHIsonw death.
mcgradyryan edited dialogue in "Scene 6" on 04/26/2014. mcgradyryan made 4 other changes. more
Sweet mother of mercy... I cannnot berlive my eyes!!! Ter pr IS nothing ese to do but for the thee; the others What we haep TH ape useen!!! tHEreri Snothing p Wu WJ er TTH elig yt We '
mcgradyryan added a slugline in "Scene 6" on 04/26/2014. more
INT. H thTe htgtii The sdn they saeee ifih mjrThe all lokasth ehH.
mcgradyryan edited a slugline in "Scene 6" on 04/25/2014. mcgradyryan made 5 other changes. more
INT. Kmosa 9i They screamm!!! Don not do what cant eb eunfdoone !!!
mcgradyryan added an action in "Scene 6" on 10/08/2013. mcgradyryan made 11 other changes. more
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