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Adam Grant has just woken up from a 3 month long coma and has no idea who he is, what happened to him, or why? Season 1 takes us on Adam's journey to answer all these questions, but some things are better left a mystery.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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Adam comes into the room looking around at his surroundings. It's obvious he's never been in this room. He opens the closet and sees a row of clothes hanging there that he doesn't recognize. He brushes his hands across the clothes and they sway back and forth in slow motion. On a shelf above the clothes, is a box. He wonders what's inside it, but he's too tired to explore. He lays his bag down on the floor, kicks off his shoes, and lays on the bed. He turns over on his side toward the camera and gives a contemplating look before slowly closing his eyes.
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Downstairs, Nikki and Kevin are sitting on opposite ends of the couch. In slow motion, Kevin looks at Nikki. After a moment, she looks back at him with fear in her eyes. Then, they turn their gazes toward the stairs leading to the room where the newly arrived Adam is resting.
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Objectively, right now might be the best time. It won't be bad news to him. Maybe this is just what we...
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