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Quick pitch

Adam has just gotten back home and already has some unexpected visitors. Detectives come to question Adam, and a mysterious woman shows up at his door.

Project Type: Television (5 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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StevenD added a transition in "Did You Miss Me" a year ago. StevenD made 7 other changes. more
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[Nervously] First day home and you're already throwing parties?
StevenD commented on the scene "Did You Miss Me." a year ago. StevenD made 1 other comment and 16 other changes. more
Alright, I never could get the damn thing to work right so I just copied and pasted the text from each scene and outline and switched them manually. It should be right now.
StevenD commented on the scene "The Phone Call." a year ago. more
Yes they are. There is supposed to be a feature that allows you to drag and drop a scene to reorder them, every time I try it just highlights it. Jankie ass site!!!! Sometimes it works, I'll keep trying.
bigbrotherpaul edited the scene titled "The Phone Call" a year ago. more

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