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Quick pitch

Adam recaps the yesterday's events with his doctor. Adam and Nikki get a little bit closer. And Kevin and Nikki are hiding something from Adam.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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StevenD edited dialogue in "Yesterday-From The Beginning" a year ago. more
Well don't let that bother you, just know that if nothing else I have your back, and Nikki definitely has your back.
StevenD edited dialogue in "The Argument" two years ago. more
And I don't have the luxury of having nothing to lose!
StevenD added a shot in "Holly's Dark Room" two years ago. StevenD made 79 other changes. more
StevenD added a comment to Becoming Me S1 E4- two years ago. StevenD made 1 other comment and 36 other changes. more
Great work so far Paul. Honestly, when I got on and saw what you wrote, it gave me a lot of ideas. Like my creative side was ready for competition. lol
StevenD added dialogue in "Yesterday- Working On The Car" two years ago. StevenD made 2 other comments and 56 other changes. more
No, really. You were about to get your face sliced off by some wannabe rapper with a beer bottle. If I hadn't stepped in, you're nose would have been turned into pencil shavings.

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