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Quick pitch

Something is bothering Nikki today, and more than usual. Adam tries to figure out what, and Holly elaborates on her accusations of Nikki and Kevin.... well, a little.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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StevenD edited dialogue in "Investigated" a year ago. StevenD made 74 other changes. more
It means Adam Grant's ass is mine.
StevenD edited an action in "Holly" a year ago. StevenD made 39 other changes. more
Adam walks up to Holly in a very threatening way. She has a look of fear, anger, and arousal on her face. Adam gets right up to her, nose to nose.
StevenD added an action in "What's Wrong With Nikki" a year ago. StevenD made 1 other comment and 60 other changes. more
Kevin leaves and Nikki looks relieved.
StevenD added a new scene titled "Investigated" a year ago. StevenD made 8 other changes. more
StevenD created this project! a year ago. more

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