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Two students unwittingly find themselves locked in a classroom and must pool their efforts to escape.

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sofakingsexy edited an action in "Behind Closed Doors" on 11/23/2010. more
MONTAGE: Chuck and Sam begin to come up with new attempts to get out. As they start presenting each other with ideas, they initially reject each other's ideas but in time grow to hear what the other has to say. MONTAGE ends there.
sofakingsexy edited an action in "Behind Closed Doors" on 11/23/2010. sofakingsexy made 14 other changes. more
Chuck gets up and walks over to the door, and kneels in front of it. Sam follows him and stands over him as he tries to open the door using a CARD in the slat - to no avail.
ocwritersgroup edited an action in "Behind Closed Doors" on 11/20/2010. ocwritersgroup made 2 other changes. more
A classroom full of disinterested students, with a TEACHER at the front that announces the homework. SAM, a good-natured and well-behaved boy, sits at his desk with hands folded, listening intently to the teacher. CHUCK, a jock, sleeps through the teacher's lecture. He sits at the complete opposite side of the classroom from Sam, with many students in between.
sofakingsexy deleted an action in "Behind Closed Doors" on 11/19/2010. sofakingsexy made 5 other changes. more
Having tied their individual pairs of headphones together, Sam and Chuck attempt to pull it open using their creation as a rope. They tug hard, but the door remains shut.
sofakingsexy inserted an action in "Behind Closed Doors" on 11/16/2010. sofakingsexy made 13 other changes. more
Sam's head can be seen looking through the window, but no one is outside. A lone piece of TUMBLEWEED rolls by.

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