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Quick pitch

During the invasion of Italy, three Germans are stranded at a temp. command post before they're discovered by a lost British soldier. This results in the death of some of the Germans and a quest for vengeance which leads to the involvement of a local partisan.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Jakk325 deleted dialogue in "SCENE THREE" on 09/18/2014. Jakk325 made 17 other changes. more
// Don't tell me war is too dangerous. You have a family who miss you. I have nothing anymore, I have nothing to lose by fighting.
Jakk325 inserted an action in "SCENE THREE" on 09/18/2014. Jakk325 made 34 other changes. more
JAN and GOTTWALD have returned to the road.
Jakk325 added dialogue in "SCENE THREE" on 09/18/2014. Jakk325 made 2 other changes. more
We're going to
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Charles KILlICK
Where are we going?
Jakk325 added an action in "SCENE THREE" on 07/09/2014. Jakk325 made 60 other changes. more
CHARLES feverishly approaches the ground, and begins to dig.

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