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Quick pitch

Two thieves meet in front of a door
One is agitated, the other is fine
As the first character tries to calm down the second, he realizes what it is they're doing
The second character begins to relax, but then the first character realizes what they're doing
When the subject of killing the person inside comes up, the second reassures the first that they won't have to do that, they'll be quiet
As the second becomes calm and the first looks worried
The second is about to reach for the door, when they hear someone walking downstairs
They look at each other, the first is scared, the second is confident
Will they go in?

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The streets are quiet. Only the occasional sound of a car passing by is heard. The only light is that of the lamp posts and the cars that pass by. MIKE stands in front of the door. He's wearing a black outfit. He's calm and collected, patiently waiting for his partner to arrive. Another person runs up to the door, also wearing a black outfit. The two characters greet each other

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