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In the desolate boundary space very far from Earth and any recognizable civilization, an interstellar cold war plays out between two opposing superpowers. Their mode of combat: the fear in the hearts of the highly trained men who man the Erebus, a claustrophobic bronze-class stealth hunter-killer belonging to the religious Aethens, and the Red army, a communist collective.

Tensions rise on the Erebus, as all contact with Aethen intelligence is lost. Secularists aboard the Erebus, a discriminated against minority should their leanings be known, speak amongst themselves, attempting to discover the cause of the lost communications, all the while the rest of the crew, led by a fervent religious fanatic, hellbent on destroying the Reds in defense of freedom, slowly assume that their nation has been attacked and that they are in the best suited place to attack... at the edge of providence.

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