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No, it'll be okay, so one day we were watching a really scary movie, and I was freaking out. I was crying, I was balling. I was so scared, but you grabbed me and you held me really tight and you said "I'm right here and I'm gonna hold on to you, and I'm never gonna let you go." And right then and there, I never felt more safe, or more secure. I mean its a really bad story, but its really important to me, so...
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Look Molly... I made some bad choices. I mixed with the wrong people, and that bullet was meant for me, and you took it for me and I will forever be in your debt.
( He looks back at her.)
Molly? Molly? Molly!
(He starts shaking her.)
Molly, no, Molly, Don't go, Molly, its all my fault...

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