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A drug dealer gets setup on his own setup.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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dominoparker inserted an action in "Scene One" on 06/30/2009. dominoparker made 33 other changes. more
Angela lowers her weapon and looks at Randy.
marcia commented on dialogue. on 06/27/2009. more
All this cursing is going to sound cheesy unless we have actors of extremely high caliber.
catphone joined the project! on 06/26/2009. more
dominoparker inserted an action in "Scene One" on 06/25/2009. more
A car drives by the two going up the hill with its lights off when she does this. Randy is too busy trying to catch her to notice the car. When Angela looks up it is not at Randy, but at the car. She keeps her eyes on it as it goes while Randy can only look at her.
dominoparker deleted an action in "Scene One" on 06/25/2009. dominoparker made 31 other changes. more
The three get into the car that was parked at the bottom of the hill, but is now on the street outside the parking lot. They drive off leaving Randy to deal with the sirens that have now begun sounding in the distance.

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