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A feature length psychological thriller about "Bill", head custodian at Oak Bluffs High School in Oak Bluffs, Ma. With no motive, rhyme nor reason, Bill is triggered at any given moment to stalk the halls of the school, find a female senior student, strangle her, and stuff the lifless body in her locker. Just as we all involuntarily breathe without thought, Bill involuntarily kills. The school officials start finding lockered bodies, and to cover up for fear of scandal and loss of accreditation, they dump the victims, as they turn up, in the local marinas. The police are dumbfounded as to what is happening. They have no leads. A local reporter from The Oak Bluffs Chronicle starts hearing things and begins to collaborate with the police. Will the police and news personel discover the school's cover-up? Will they find out about Bill before the schoolyear ends? But wait! One final victim will send shockwaves through the heart of the police department and the entire community...

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Princessuniverse00 added a comment to "Bill" on 08/31/2010. more
i really like the whole idea of the story and the action details for the camera.Still waiting for more to get in touch with the characters,and find out what they look like (like are cupcake and cassie preppy cheerleader types or loners,r they meant to be black white asian indian mixed...) not that thats so important yet.

I think it sounds like a good movie.Are you a movie producer/writer or is this your first movie?
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INT. INT. Sparsely lit Custodian's office, after first bell
tcb5000 edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 08/26/2010. tcb5000 made 38 other changes. more
Hey boss, you hear about the rookie cop that was asked what he'd do if he had to arrest his mother?

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