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After a lovely evening, things turn sour when past demons haunt a relationship.

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brookshudgins edited dialogue in "Birthday Girl" on 11/23/2014. brookshudgins made 46 other changes. more
She blindsided me! I saw her, and I hadn't seen her for so long and she just asked if I wanted to go to dinner and I felt bad, you know she's a nervous wreck and so I said yes in the moment, it was stupid, I know, and I'm sorry. But nothing happened! You know me! Nothing happened.
brookshudgins added dialogue in "Birthday Girl" on 11/23/2014. brookshudgins made 18 other changes. more
... and I didn't want to say anything, but a message popped up, from guess who? Jessie! That's who. "Thanks so much for Friday. I had a great time!"
brookshudgins added dialogue in "Birthday Girl" on 11/23/2014. brookshudgins made 14 other changes. more
I'm serious. I'm out on a nice, special night and I'm just trying to enjoy my expensive and very tiny meal at your expensive and very nice restaurant, is it ridiculous to say I don't pay that much money for my waiter to get a fucking hard on 6 inches away from my face while asking you if you want it medium rare or in the ass.

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