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FilmingEye edited dialogue in "Scene 10 - Outside - (The Rare Meaning of a Kiss)" a year ago. more
"Christine would still be here and so would Shay"
FilmingEye edited dialogue in "Scene 23 - (Heroes to Enemies)" a year ago. FilmingEye made 6 other changes. more
Mick (CONT'D)
"Maybe one day. But you've got your friends back. That's the main thing"
FilmingEye edited dialogue in "Scene 4 - Campfire Morning - (Sketchy Day)" two years ago. FilmingEye made 9 other changes. more
"Rebecca just shut it! Okay"
FilmingEye edited an action in "Scene 23 - (Heroes to Enemies)" two years ago. FilmingEye made 72 other changes. more
End of Season 2 - Credits line up on screen
FilmingEye edited an action in "Scene 22 - (Welcome Back)" two years ago. more
Slade and Jace lift Christine from the bed and put her into the wheelchair Shay brought in from the hallway. The group leads out of the room as Alex closes the door behind them.

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