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A man confronts his troubles head on in an intense game of mind vs will.

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(Going to sum up the next few parts, you guys can help me right in a better development for these I think, but basically he wins the hand even against the house each time and after "beating" that round the next one vanishes. I want to express that he's winning over these emotions and "getting rid of them" even though it is not permanent. The emotions of the one that is left is elevated as the others vanish. Finally we end on him with his last hand against the house (not a new deal just the deal that was left from beating anger) and he loses by one point. He gets up, frustrated and walks away, rubbing his face in his hands. I see him being close to the camera, you can see DEPRESSION smirking as he gets up but his expression dropping as GRANT turns his back. DEPRESSION can see that Grand is getting stronger and he is improving. (grant will have a brochure on him from a doctor where he is getting help, thus why he is winning more easily against the others though he still has a long way to go.) The camera slowly pans across his face so that his head obscures the table but when we do see the table we see the others are back and ready to go again. He then sighs and looks up in the camera, tired and beaten down but determined. He turns and screen cuts to black. Clink of a chip is the final sound. I will need help writing the game portion as well as the mental game and sub context of said game parts)
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He examined his card with more hesitation. PARA's excitement worried him and he stared him down a moment,looking over his face and body language for some cue to tell him what to do but found none. Instead he only felt more nervous. He bit his nails hard and glanced at the other two. ANGER was disinterested, he was looking at his card and glared at ANX when he thought he'd just got a glance at his card. ANX flinched and glanced quickly at GRANT. He was in his own world, seemingly unfocused at the moment. He too asked for a hit and the move went to ANGER. He took no time to waste and passed. He felt confident with the face down and face up he'd been dealt.

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