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The TV announcer snaps his finger and disappears.
vnguyen deleted the scene "INT. MUSIC FACTORY" on 02/22/2008. vnguyen made 3 other changes. more
vnguyen edited dialogue in "Quits his job" on 02/22/2008. more
TV Announcer
Well, you've done it. You've sweat blood from many holes and jail-like-tears for the hard work you have put in for the glass shard eating past decade. Now you're debt free! It's now time to take the dream road trip you've always fantasized about. Let's take a look at how Freddy plans to cut off all unwanted ties so he can go on his road trip.
fuzzylogic34 edited the scene titled "INT. GIRLFRIENDS HOUSE - SAME" on 02/22/2008. more
vnguyen edited dialogue in "Quits his job" on 02/22/2008. more
TV announcer
Now that Freddy is jobless, he'll have to get rid of his girlfriend. Let's pay a visit to Freddy's girlfriend.

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