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Maury Parody, Smaury hosts an 'episode' on the block, interviewing residents on their voting rights. He brings 'reformers' to take them to Boot Camp.

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MAN stands at the end of the crowd -- his audience.
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"Me? Nah man! I have things to do too you dig? Right now I on money and girls and... I don't know? I good."
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YARD CHAIRS. IN CHAIRS: Donnie (24) -- and NORMAL LOOKING, this boy, sneakers, jeans and tee, ALY (32), MISS UNIVERSE of her own universe, crown, could be pretty but her face drowns beneath make-up. We don't know if she is. And MARCUS, (17), PROUD, 'WANTS TO BE FREE' SORT. They all respond to the jeering crowd. Security is on stand by -- TWO UNCONCERNED OLDER MEN. They look on with amused expressions. BEEP!

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